22:33 - August 09, 2018
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Shia Quranic institute in Saudi Arabia said it is ready to implement a Quranic plan for Hajj pilgrims to correct their reading of Surah Fatihah.



According to Qaaf news agency, Al-Bayan Quranic Council in Qatif, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, has planned the Quranic program ahead of Hajj season.

Ahmad Abdul Jalil Ghavi, a member of the council, said that the Quranic initiative is part of the institute’s efforts to serve Hajj pilgrims. which will be implemented through WhatsApp.

Another Quranic committee named “Huda Al-Quran” affiliated to Safa Association in north of Qatif has also planned a similar Quranic program for pilgrims.

The pilgrims can check their reading of short Surahs of Quran in the program.

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